Operational Excellence

Getting the right behaviour from your supply chain

Supply Chain Performance

At Improvement Architecture, we have found that within organisations and their supply chains “what gets measured gets done.”

Misalignment of these functional measures impact the ability to deliver to the customer and creates internal conflict.  This is not just about a performance dashboard or management KPI reporting.  This is a question on does your talent make the right decisions in the right situation for the right reasons.  Measures have to align the behaviours of your talent to the achievement of the organisations ambition.

Secondly your organisation is only as strong as its weakest supplier, so do you see the right performance and behaviour from your supply chain?  How is this measured?

Improvement Architecture can offer a set of tools and a journey that could include business and supply chain diagnostics, analytical tools to support procurement and supply

Improvement Architecture designed and delivered a lean manufacturing training for Operations Managers from Mainetti’s 42 global businesses.   Our requirements were well understood and these were translated into a programme that met my expectations and all participants found enjoyable and informative.  The team were very professional throughout and I am very pleased with the productivity improvements that are now coming through.

Keith CharltonGroup Director of Operations and Supply Chain at Mainetti