The meaning behind our brand name Improvement Architecture.

Branding is a fascinating subject!

Recently we attended a North-East expo hosted by The Mussel Club. It was a great day of networking with people we know and of course making new connections. Although this was interesting the most prominent thing that I took away from the event was the misperception of our brand. This is something that I was aware of but the event really got me thinking.

Improvement Architecture, our name, is printed at the top of our marketing banner… immediately people assumed we were architects of buildings although further down the banner it does explain exactly what we do. This was not the first time it had been highlighted but it did make me think. Do I restructure the marketing? Do we rebrand or do I simply try to communicate the brand meaning behind Improvement Architecture?  I chose the latter.

The co-founders very cleverly came up with the name Improvement Architecture, based on the concept that they design, build and improve business structures centred around its people and processes. Fundamentally everything a business needs to function, operate and thrive.

I discussed my thoughts with my MD Graham Sleep and asked him for his interpretation. His response is below.

“As a business, we are focused on improvement of a business across its entirety so we knew it had to be part of the name.

Improvement /ɪmˈpruːv.mənt/ bringing into a more valuable or desirable condition

Architecture /ˈärkiˌtekCHər/ the art and science of designing a structure

We felt there were a lot of consultants who fill a “role” within organisations (and organisations who are happy for contractors to fill roles where they cannot get the calibre of talent required), which is not a problem, but not really where we wanted to be. We didn’t feel there were too many who really challenged and generated a change in both the environment (infrastructure, processes and systems) and people’s behaviours required for organisational success. Our focus, therefore, became to design the infrastructures that support integrated business improvement, innovation and growth within organisations and then supported the organisation in the transformation required to get there. Therefore, we now are a key part of senior teams within a number of rapidly growing SMEs and larger organisations. We don’t just talk, we do, and we measure the success of what we do to deliver the ambitions of these clients.

We could have gone down the route of a contracting organisation (and I am sure had more clients), but I never regret the day we concentrated on having fewer clients with deeper relationships who are all growing, and challenging them in getting better and better whilst maintaining a humility to bring people along with them. Recently, a CEO of one of our larger clients introduced me to another MD stated: “every time I attempt to change things (or want to change things) I call these guys to come and sort it out”.

I think this summarises Improvement Architecture very well.

My interpretation is:

“We are a one-stop shop for all business needs. Our consultants have reputable careers, spanning over 30years, their experience knowledge and skill set is unrivalled in the marketplace. They have worked in and successfully grown businesses of all shapes and sizes. They have capabilities to solve problems, work with you and understand exactly what needs to be done. Our delivery methods and meaningful customer relationships are what makes us unbeatable, we are a truly dedicated team and consider ourselves as an extension of your workforce”


So, if you have read this and it has triggered any questions, or there is something you are still unclear on, please let me know. We are a friendly team, happy to chat and discuss any issues you may be having. Not only that but, if you are considering options, have uncertainties and would like a sounding board, pick up the phone, pop a message across. We are here to help in any way we can.



Kaye Collins

Sales and Marketing Manager

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