Feedback from our clients.

Aim Ath Leisure

“Graham got to work immediately, by sitting down with me, understanding the business and the areas that needed focus. We identified areas of weakness, but also outlined the strengths and achievements which have gotten us to where we are now. “Graham gave us encouragement – we know we have created a good business, and as well as planning for the future we can appreciate where we came from.”

Amy Fettis, Owner, AIM Athleisure

Growth plan for business.

Strategic Growth Plan

Graham Sleep and Kaye Collins from Improvement Architecture have assisted in in my growth plan through the Manufacturing Growth Programme. Their knowledge and advice have helped me plan my next 3 years in terms of growth and a new sales campaign. I felt immediately at ease in their company and was able to discuss the business in detail in an open and honest way. They both made me feel proud and successful in my achievements so far and have encouraged and inspired me to take the next steps with confidence.


Kate Dawson

Business Growth

Manufacturing Growth Programme. Client Testimonial.

We registered for the Manufacturing Growth Programme and Graham was assigned to support us.

Graham was a pleasure to work with and extremely approachable.  He doesn’t overcomplicate the process with unnecessary jargon and very quickly identified the areas we most needed support. The senior team in the business were comfortable to discuss their own pain points and he very quickly built an environment of trust enabling open and honest discussions to flow.

Graham’s report has identified a number of areas where we can make changes to improve both our manufacturing and people processes. It’s up to us now to implement these to benefit from his knowledge and insight.

I believe Graham’s own career has given him valuable insight into a number of different businesses and allows him to take a broad and objective view of the business he is supporting. We would recommend Improvement Architecture to other companies interested in growth strategies”

Catherine Boland,
HR Manager,