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Manufacturing Growth Programme. Client Testimonial.

We registered for the Manufacturing Growth Programme and Graham was assigned to support us. Graham was a pleasure to work with and extremely approachable.  He doesn’t overcomplicate the process with unnecessary jargon and very quickly identified the areas we most needed support. The senior team in the business were comfortable to discuss their own pain […]

When looking for a leadership partner you should ensure their programmes are;

      Strong in Global Culture. Our issue in the UK is scaling businesses to a global level, and 65% of businesses are saying strategic global leadership skills are lacking Have a measurable and a standardised global process. Provides structured engagements.  95% Success rate in developing Behaviours in Leaders across over 100 Fortune 500 companies, […]

Important Characteristics in Leaders

We asked Graham Sleep what he thought were important characteristics in a good leader.   High emotional intelligence is the foundation, self-awareness and self-management lead to humility, and perseverance. Passion for the right purpose leads to aspiration, personal motivation, high energy, hunger and courage. Creative/Forward thinkingAbility to think and create visually the future-state leads to […]

How IA can help with Leadership

Personally, I always like finding people who are well placed to help me on my personal and professional journey (they are inclusive to each other) – what I learn personally I like to give to the outside world. Nearly 20 years ago when I attended my first leadership development programme “Lessons in Leadership” in the […]

Graham Sleep’s Leadership Journey

As a person who never went to University and has gained a lot of his knowledge through a constant thirst to learn and improve, and seeking out people who can help me, I have always liked finding people who are well placed to help me on my personal and professional journey (they are inclusive to each other for […]