Great Leaders

Improvement Architecture’s 7 Great Leaders.

We asked Graham Sleep to name is top 7 greatest leaders, he has listed below his thoughts. Do you have anyone you would like to add to the list, please tell us why?

  1. Martin Luther King (MLK) – Passion came from a purpose.  He looked forward, never back and focussed on purpose rather than own comfort.
  2. Gandhi – if he was good enough for MLK to admire and learn from he is good enough for me.
  3. Jesus – read the beatitudes and you will find the epitome of a true leader (whether you chose to believe it or not).
  4. Allan Mullally – although some may not have heard of him, from a business perspective his simplistic approach in a complex world at Ford was an example to all leaders today.  Learn about the red dots…
  5. Bill & Melinda Gates – he admits he got lucky on timing with Microsoft, however, to have the heart to give so much away through philanthropy and having huge global impact through Gates foundation shows a lot more of the leader.
  6. Winston Churchill – if only the UK had this type of leader now to bring the country United.  Great orator and calm in a crisis.
  7. Marshall Goldsmith – confident enough in terms of his own ability whilst humble enough to share generally FOC his wisdom with the world.  Focus on giving rather than gaining…

Please feel free to join the conversation and leave your comments below. We look forward to receiving them.

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