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HIIT Partners -Improvement Architecture.

Following a discussion on our marketing strategy Improvement Architecture have decided to run a weekly bulletin on activities completed. We often post about what we do, the services we offer and the odd testimonial to demonstrate our capabilities, but, we know we do so much more than what we shout out about.  By analysing our activities it was decided we provide a HIIT service to our clients, we deliver high-impact growth activities transforming the businesses we work in. Our strategy is to communicate these activities and to see if it has an impact on our marketing traffic.

As every business understands, there is no magic formula for sales and marketing it is all about trial and error. Attracting the right audience through niche targeting, varying your content, posting at different times using various channels is a fine art to tune. Some of us get it right, sometimes, some of us get it wrong, sometimes. The main thing for all of us to remember is, sales and marketing is a process and needs to be an ongoing activity of our business function. Having a strategy is a great starting point, it provides focus, clarity, and guidance it allows us to review, monitor and tweak, we should always be looking to improve.  Don’t get comfortable, always aim high.

At the birth of our HIIT discussion, we realised ‘what we say we do’ is somewhat different to ‘what we are currently doing’ hence the weekly bulletin. It provides clarity and is more definitive making it easier for our followers and target audience to understand. Simply stating what you have done, seems far better than trying to shout over the “Me too” noise of competitors. We would love to see if our new approach works and would invite others to share what they have achieved, helped with or contributed to on our weekly update.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
Kaye Collins


P.S This is my first ever blog.