Business Growth

Manufacturing Growth Programme. Client Testimonial.

We registered for the Manufacturing Growth Programme and Graham was assigned to support us.

Graham was a pleasure to work with and extremely approachable.  He doesn’t overcomplicate the process with unnecessary jargon and very quickly identified the areas we most needed support. The senior team in the business were comfortable to discuss their own pain points and he very quickly built an environment of trust enabling open and honest discussions to flow.

Graham’s report has identified a number of areas where we can make changes to improve both our manufacturing and people processes. It’s up to us now to implement these to benefit from his knowledge and insight.

I believe Graham’s own career has given him valuable insight into a number of different businesses and allows him to take a broad and objective view of the business he is supporting. We would recommend Improvement Architecture to other companies interested in growth strategies”

Catherine Boland,
HR Manager,

Tips on selecting an executive coach.

When looking for a leadership partner you should ensure their programmes are;


Tips on selecting an executive coach.

Top tips on how to choose the correct global leadership programme.



  • Strong in Global Culture. Our issue in the UK is scaling businesses to a global level, and 65% of businesses are saying strategic global leadership skills are lacking
  • Have a measurable and a standardised global process. Provides structured engagements.
  •  95% Success rate in developing Behaviours in Leaders across over 100 Fortune 500 companies, and 11000 leaders. Robustly proven and effective across many sectors and companies!
  • Needs to focus on triggers for what drives behaviours as well as behaviours themselves.
  • The leader has to become the coach. 
  • It is about the Leader, not the Coach.


The benefits and expected outcomes for you are;

  • Clear and transparent process (with up-front agreements on confidentiality and engagement).
  • Clear measurement reporting every 3 months
  • Clear ROI
  • A coaching process that embeds coaching as part of the culture.

If you agree with these tips and would like to learn more. Please e-mail and we will be happy to arrange a discussion with our executive coach Graham Sleep.