7 Reasons for choosing a coach.

7 Reasons Why Executives Appoint a Coach

There are a number of reasons why executives decide to appoint a coach, these include;

  1. You are looking to achieve significant results, solve a pressing challenge, and/or take advantage of a major opportunity.
  2. You are looking for a credible, engaging, knowledgeable and experienced advisor.
  3. You are willing to, and are expecting to, be held accountable for your results.
  4. You are comfortable with an outside perspective, and are willing to take calculated risks to advance your company and career.
  5. You are an “early adopter” and comfortable “pushing the boundaries” of technology, business development and personal performance.
  6. You are willing to answer tough, challenging questions about your performance and the performance of you company, division or department, and are willing to do your own work, conduct your own research and implement new tactics and strategies.
  7. You are a visionary, with the need and desire to leave a legacy for your company, colleagues … and your career.

by Graham Sleep

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