Kaye Collins Marketing Manager Improvement Architecture

Kaye Collins

Improvement Architect -Sales and Marketing Manager.

With over 15 years experience, my role at Improvement Architecture enables me to work with companies on the beginning of their sales and marketing journey. My strengths are creating sales processes to enable companies to grow, measure and forecast sales figures and trends. I love to map the customer journey for clients and create unique campaigns that deliver results. I enjoy sharing my tips of the trade with clients and helping them to reach their goals by strategically planning their sales and marketing. I have some great growth hacks to share but you’ll have to contact me to know more.

We work with a diverse range of clients and I love that two jobs are never the same. I’ve met some fascinating people with great stories, I love learning about people’s ‘why?’  Born and bred in the North East I’m passionate about my region and the companies that exist. If I can assist them in acquiring sales and maintaining customer relationships then I’m happy. IA is a great company to work for.